Rupert Spira Video: “Something” NEVER Comes Out of “Nothing”

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In spiritual circles you will often hear it said that at the center of existence is an infinite nothing or nothingness in which all of the somethings appear.  In this AMAZING 8 minute video, Rupert explains very simply that this is not only NOT true but it is also impossible.  Rupert helps us understand that, “That which is, never ceases to be and that which is not, never comes into existence.”  Let’s listen carefully…

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Luzimar marques de araujo says:

Exactly, but this does not conflict with saying that everything is NO Thing

admin says:

No, this video actually says EXACTLY what you are saying is in conflict… everything is a no thing cause there is no such thing as a thing.

Anonymous says:

Thank You Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

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