Rupert Spira: Realization Is Not About Remembering Who You Are

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In this short 6 minute video, Rupert helps us to understand that we don’t have to remember who we are.  “Realization” is not about remembering anything at all. The key principle that can be found in this simple video is that “when something is understood, it does not have to be remembered.”

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Vanyah Malherbe says:

Thank you, I have been watching every day for about a month. My life has changed and I have changed. I look forward to receiving my short inspiration every morning 🙂

admin says:

So happy to hear that!!Thank you for sharing.

Jean says:

I do love what Rupert Spira has to say. He tells the woman not to worry about her memory loss (among other things of course). It’s important too to remember that the world view is always trying to program us to decline with age. It is evident all around us.

But there is no law of decline except according according to our beliefs and understandings about what is Real. Once you start worrying about forgetting, you will forget more. With age comes not necessarily a closing down but an opening up. This can happen when we are not afraid. From other sources I believe that whole new areas of creativity can emerge in those “golden years” and additionally new perceptions that may challenge our usual memory of how things “should” be but are in fact teaching us about Reality in new ways.

Danielle Choquette says:

Thank you for posting this short video.Very clear so to speak.

Anne says:

Your self is waiting for you with open arms ………beautiful

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