Rupert Spira: The Continuation of Personal Growth After Realization

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In this short 5 minute video, Rupert explains that on a body mind level there is an infinite potential for “Personal” growth after “Realization”.  In the realm of form, evolution and growth are built in ingredients that go on for as long as the form exists.

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Betty Ledesma says:

Never ending flow of Wisdom, from Rupert Spira. Thought I was done with Teachers that could offer something different and there he comes. Grateful to no end. To him and this site. Heaven’s sent. The videos pull you into his calm. (Certainly, looking forward to the day that I can contribute more than words.).

Michael Jacobs says:

I disagree. Realization has no solid substance – it exists as an abstract idea. Thus, there can be no ‘before’ or ‘after’ realization. In addition, the very concept of realization is misleading, because it suggests that some people are real or fully evolved, and that others aren’t. Essentially, realization is yet another product of our imagination. To believe, at any point, that you are not real (enough), is to deceive yourself.

admin says:

Although you are correct that “Realization” is only a concept, this concept for discussion purposes stands for something. This video is not about realization, but rather about the fact that our conditioning can evolve for as long as this body is alive. The reason this video is important is because most teachers do not acknowledge this.

Rajesh says:

Yes,you r right

dianne says:

I am not clear what Rupert means here. How can the development of the body/mind go on ‘forever’ since our bodies are finite? I can see that it takes time for Reality to fully express through the body/mind, but that seems a different point ?

admin says:

I think he meant for as long as the body lives.

dianne says:

thanks for that. I have read stuff by Tony Parsons and Richard Sylvester………..their account sounds different in that they do not seem to consider this ‘alignment’ idea is meaningful. they say that there is no meaning to such growth that relates to conditioning/growth in this manner.. Similarly it seems Unmani is saying this. I am still unclear about how development can ultimately hold value…? For example, Buddhists the meta bhavava meditation which, if practised consistently is meant to lead to a real change of ‘character’… What is the value of this since it surely only leads to a false quality for instance of unconditional love? Its hard to get answers to these questions when most of the talks are abroad, and money is short.

admin says:

Thanks for your comment. To keep it simple… “Personal Growth” has absolutely ZERO value in realizing the self (nature of reality). However, what Rupert is saying here is that one can be fully realized and still carry over some bad habits from years of false beliefs. In this area, one could say that it is possible to still have “personal” growth. Or, in a more practical way, one can learn how to play the piano, or pain, or whatever which amounts to personal growth. Hope this helps.

Danielle Choquette says:

Precious! So clear…it has answered a question,I didn’t dare to ask… Thank you! _()_

Luis Garrido says:

Next time…. I do not know how I will answer…. (min 3:50)

Sometimes, Spira forgets that we, humans, are not self-cleaning ovens

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