Gautam Sachdeva Video: How We Come to Believe We Are the Doer

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In this FANTASTIC 7 minute video, Gautam Sachdeva actually shows us EXACTLY  how we come to believe that we are the doer of actions when in reality all is just happening spontaneously. Let’s listen as Gautam uses an everyday work scenario to demonstrate this point…

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Arun Jandial says:

what is done through us is because of the way we are conditioned and in the given conditions, what happens has to happen. whether we take credit of good things done through us or blame of the apparent harm being done is just our thinking. one may name it leela but in the worldly sense whosoever is the medium, the blame or the credit will go to him. That is a different stage, when one may take himself to be a non-doer. In a state of non-duality, when the consciousness remains merged with the absolute, there is no feeling of separartiveness, there may be no feeling of doership. One is just an instrument of Divine. When we are in the world of duality, we have to take responsibility of our actions. Non-doership is a stage the sage reaches by realising oneness with all, understanding the happenings at the experiential level and not just theoretically that we are not the doer. so far as there is conditioning, separatist tendencies, non-realisation of the truth, we shall be held responsible for our actions, whatever the consequences.

Luzimar marques de araujo says:

when he says god is the primary doer, he is contradicting himself because there is no one doing anything ♥️

admin says:

That’s because you are taking god to be an entity.

Anonymous says:


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