Adyashanti Video: How to Dismantle the Imagined Self

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In this 5 minute video, Adyashanti does a great job in describing the imagined self and how we can begin to dismantle it.  Short video, huge message.

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Stuart Hartley says:

Its not just what he says but how he says it that is captivating – the peaceful and centred way of someone enlightened

Frank Garcia says:

Sounds like you’re focusing on the messenger instead of the message. It’s not about that.

Christian says:

Sounds like you’re getting the words confused for the message. Some people can transmit a message without saying anything. It’s this ability to point at truth that matters. Some are able to point with their mannerisms and demeanor.

Laurie Cameron says:

So very hard to not touch it…

Jane Moody says:

Truly beautiful.

Susan Frederick says:

Thanks for sharing this. It was very helpful!

Bravo says:

Everything is an expression of one uncommunicatable nothing. Powerful statement.

Jane Moody says:

Beautiful. Thank you

Paul says:

The illusion of me trying to get somewhere, that’s good. But then it is said (maybe not here) you need to know yourself – self realization or God realization, the terms seem to mean the same thing.

Is there a me or is there not a me, or is there a real me and an imagined me?

admin says:

You are the one and only primordial source. Everything else (like a me) is all fictitious.

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