Rupert Spira Video: Love Is the Collapse of Self and Others

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This 10 minute video by Rupert Spira is a wonderful reminder of the true meaning of love and provides beautiful insights and confirmation.

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Vlasta Bishop says:

What happens, when the partner that one loves, and confirms his love , but , at the same time has a need to love other women and be intimate with them?

As a woman I could not deal with that, and as a result our relationship came to an end, and myself
feeling hurt , realizing that he was not prepared to just focus on US TWO…..

What hurt the most was his confession that he will continue to be in touch with the other woman, and anyone that happens to come along, explaining that is HOW HE IS , and not prepared to change…..He confessed that he is triyng to FIND HIMSELF….He is 78 years of age….

admin says:

This person is not worthy of you. Keep your focus on your inner being and trust consciousness (God) to bring to you a person that is truly deserving of your love and don’t spend another minute thinking about this man. As soon as a thought comes up about him, dismiss this thought immediately. Otherwise, you are letting this broken person to keep having influence on your daily life when there is no need for this to happen. It is entirely within your control.

Billeeeee says:

Tolle has some great writing in NEW EARTH about the pain body and the tricks it plays to create negative dramas that it feeds on, like betrayal. When I read it I realized I was being hooked into a relationship with the same dynamic but because I saw it for what it was at a deeper level I was able to withdraw before more serious pain was caused.

Sandy says:

Educational, wish guy would stop saying yeah….losing my concentration

JH says:

You could choose to look within your mind and look at your interpretation of the situation- the hurts you feel about this specific situation and then feel it deeply, your guilt about making him guilty and your anger, fear and the loss of the relationship etc. then, let it go and let God. There is always a lesson to be tought because even though the ego is not real, most of the times we mirror each other’s beliefs about the world, others or ourselves, and that is what is needed to be seen clearly, before it can be discarded and released.

Love xx

Peter says:

Here some considerations that come up after reading Vlasta’s post:

The partner you love states a preference for “polygamy”………while such a lifestyle isn’t meeting your needs? – and it sounds like you (and perhaps most people) consider monogamy to be the “default” and polygamy to be “wrong”?

For your partner it would be important to make his preferences known very early on, i.e. at the outset of a romantic relationship. And for you, it seems important to take responsibility for all your choices in this relationship, especially if you *want* to continue your bond with this man, knowing about his preferred lifestyle?


Danielle Choquette says:

Very inspiring and clear about our relationships with other beings. Thank you!

Bikram says:

I think there two sides of the same coin.
One is being which is common to all and the second is
Doing which is totally personal.We are one with being as we are the part of as we share the five elements of the nature equally.Love is ongoing prosses, common ground.
By doing we are separated.

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