Ramesh Balsekar (featuring Gautam Sachdeva): Defining the Ego According to Advaita

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In this 6 minute video, Gautam Sachdeva takes the seeker through one of the core concepts of Advaita’s sage Ramesh Balsekar, as outlined in his first book ‘Pointers from Ramesh Balsekar’. Gautam first visited Ramesh in February 2000 and, over a period of nine years, also worked closely with him in the process of publishing some of Ramesh’s books.

Ramesh Balsekar is a direct desciple of the late Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. He also became one of Maharaj’s favorite live translators and did so for several years until Maharaj’s death and went on to write several books containing Maharaj’s teachings and discourses.

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