Ramesh Balsekar Video: Enlightenment Means the End of Suffering, NOT Unlimited Bliss

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In this great little 4 minute video, Ramesh Balsekar explains that many people are looking for Enlightenment to bring endless bliss, but in actuality it only means the end of suffering. Let’s listen to his words very carefully.

You may want to turn on “CC” (Subtitles) if you don’t understand some of his words.

Ramesh Balsekar is a direct desciple of the late Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. He also became one of Maharaj’s favorite live translators and did so for several years until Maharaj’s death and went on to write several books containing Maharaj’s teachings and discourses.

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Anonymous says:

Absolutely Wonderful. We are NOT ‘Driving the Bus’…

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