Gangaji Video: Exposing the Myth That The World Needs to be Saved

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Most people in our Western culture believe in the horror and degradation of our planet and our political systems. This is the world view that has been sold to the masses. However the FACT is that there is more peace and love on this planet among human beings than at any other time in recorded history. That’s just a FACT. In this great eleven minute video, we get to see that our suffering about the world is a result of being unconscious and buying into belief systems that actually add to the suffering, which is the opposite of what we want to do. Let’s listen as the solution to this issue is offered…

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james says:

you can’t just dismiss the narrative.Sometimes the narrative may be wrong but it cannot be dismissed.
Could Jews in 1930s Europe dismiss the narrative of impending oppression ?
Can we dismiss the narrative of increasing tyranny and loss of freedom of speech and democracy ?

admin says:

All is God… all is you. It just is. No need to be saved.

james says:

that may be ultimately true but it is not true in the day to day world that we can ignore danger because we are infinite beings.My examples above for example.The “narrative” is not just some figment of the mind that can always be ignored as unreal

james says:

an example from today…are the “gilets jaunes” spiritually ignorant for letting their inner narrative about their government lead them to protest and conflict or should they just sit back and let it all unfold ?

james says:

I think the answer is that such a narrative can and should be respected and acted on but that one should not let it take over one’s whole identity

james says:

Much as i admire Advaita I think it is a mistake to treat all narratives of the mind in the same way.Worrying whether people like you at work is not the same as worrying that your government is tuyrning tyrannical or that you cannot afford to feed your family. Teachers such as Mooji and Robert Adams act as if such problems are unimportant,which is unhelpful for the seeker

admin says:

All worrying is dreaming. In fact, its a nightmare. Psychological thinking has no value whatsoever. The seeker is the one that needs to be exposed for what it is.

hazards says:

Sadhguru says it’s okay to ‘dismiss the narrative’, if it is someone else who is starving to death, if the person is a stranger, or not part of your family. Then it is easy to say, it is that person’s Destiny or Fate or Karma or simply the play of energies. If you identify however, it can seem really important. If I am being tortured, then I would rather not, thank you. But if Julian Assange is tortured, well, that’s hard luck then.
Very difficult questions if you are the one in the middle of suffering!

Bruce says:

This is a difficult subject, but is at the heart of non duality. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the duality of good vs. evil, right vs. wrong. Its resulting inner dialog (worrying) causes much conflict and needless suffering. Here’s the thing, No one ultimately knows what’s right or wrong. Such concepts are mere mental fabrications without substance. We believe we know what’s right and wrong, however, our knowing is based on value judgements from our particular socialization process—Our belief system. That is not to say action cannot be taken. Pain is inevitable, Suffering is optional. To quote the Dalai Lama.

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