Ramesh Balsekar Video: After Enlightenment the Ego Remains

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Most people believe that Enlightenment or Awakening means the end of the ego. In this very short four minute video, Ramesh Balsekar explains that in actuality the ego remains after Awakening and for the entire duration of the body. Let’s listen carefully…

Ramesh Balsekar is a direct desciple of the late Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. He also became one of Maharaj’s favorite live translators and did so for several years until Maharaj’s death and went on to write several books containing Maharaj’s teachings and discourses.

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Willliam Fisher says:

A shame there are no subtitles or transcripts of Ramish Baleskers words for this video as I had a hard time understanding some of them although I understood the idea that the ego doesn’t cease after enlightenment. but has also ceased to be invested with total identification. Is this a correct understanding?

admin says:

If you click on the “cc” at the bottom of the player it will show the text but your understanding seems to be correct.

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