Alan Watts: God Pretending He is Not God

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This 3 and a half minute video has more wisdom then entire collections of books in describing the true nature of our reality.

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Barbara says:

Mind blowing inspirational video

Susan says:

Not sure I understand but I like the feel of it.

Susan says:

And the music…

Toni Lorenzo says:

This is so beautiful and I know for a fact that you will pretend that it is not beautiful. At least, you can pretend!

Anonymous says:

It stroke a cord.. a tear..

Bruce says:

This brief presentation Is very powerful. The dreamer is dreaming the dream of your life. Thank you.

ranbir sidhu says:

i don’t understand what he wants to convey! There is no such thing as God-it is creation of human mind.

Anonymous says:

The human mind IS God’s dream.

Anonymous says:

Beaurtiful. Eckhart Tolle helped me understand Rupert Spira. Rupert Spira helped me understand Alan Watts. It is true that when the student is ready the teacher appears.

Fetje says:

This is so beautiful and true and powerful indeed. In the end we are what we want to be and do not regognise it. Till you do..

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