Gangaji Video: When the Minds Activity Is At Rest There is Peace & Fulfillment

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In this great little six minute video, Gangaji explains that the desire for true freedom which appears in your lifetime can only be realized if you don’t do anything for it’s realization. All that is required is one instant of truly stopping. Let’s listen to Gangaji’s explanation…

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Eveline says:

Very interesting.
In many teachings, they talk about a ‘master switch’ metaphorically in the ‘basement’ of the different layers of a high tower building representing the ‘mind’. I imagine that this master switch is found in the very deepest layers of the unconscious mind.
How do I get down there and turn this switch off, saying STOP! I am fed up with the constant rattling of my mind…it causes me misery but it is so dark down there, I can’t find the switch!

admin says:

These things are all amusements from the mind to keep itself as the boss while you are looking for this “master switch”. Here is a video that will help clear all that up…

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