Rupert Spira: It Is Nature’s Way to Develop a Strong Egoic Self-Image

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In this seven minute video, Rupert Spira helps a questioner understand that in the early stages of development, it is nature’s way to develop a strong egoic self-image. He goes on to say that for most humans the problem arises when this is where the development stops. Spirituality is about transcending our identification with this egoic self-image to the realization that our true essence is beyond this false sense of self. Let’s listen…

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Susan Shaheen says:

Really nice, Rupert.

Anonymous says:

But, regarding the importance for people to first develop a healthy sense of self, what about the transcendental experience or mystical experience an undeveloped person has —that sends them on this non-dual way— because they can no longer confidently think in non dualistic terms….? Are they then to remain in limbo Rupert?

admin says:

You are asking a question about the “undeveloped person” which doesn’t exist. There is no person. This is the part of you that is made up and you identify with. All that needs to happen is an experiential understanding that you are not this fictitious ego.

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