Adyashanti Video: Understanding to Realization Through Experience

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In this video, Adyashanti shows that the shift from just understanding to full realization is through experience and begins with a stillness of mind.

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dianne says:

It seems Adyashanti’s teaching actually points to steps along the way to enlightenment, even though he says clearly that enlightenment is spontaneous and does not involve ‘pushing’. Others I have listened to, like Tony Parsons and Jim Newman seem to speak of this more in terms of there being ‘nothing to do’ and nowhere to go’, and to some these other teachings appear more radical. Mooji’s teaching is kind and well-grounded and has its own ‘flavour’, and has a real warmth to it; Rupert Spira’s teaching again is different and seems to offer realistic hope that there is a way of making oneself available to the event of enlightenment – if it can be called that.

Bruce says:

Yes it is an enigma. If there is no self how can the self do anything? Yet things get done. In the Buddhists tradition it is referred to as the pathless path or the gateless gate. In following the pathless path, some claim that if realisation is an accident then meditation tends to make one accident prone.

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