Neale Donald Walsch Video: Creating God Through the Process of Being God

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In this BEAUTIFUL six minute video, Neale Donald Walsch helps us understand our life purpose which is the same as life’s purpose, which is to recognize the universe as ourselves. “This is the miracle of life itself, flowing through you, in you and as you. Let’s listen to this lovely video…

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Danielle Choquette says:

How beautiful! Thank you,Michael! _()_ <3

dianne says:

He says god spoke to him. Is he a Christian? Who is his God who speaks to him?

Anonymous says:

Don’t give in to your egoic need for your experience and ‘knowledge’ to be right and his wrong.

James says:

Don’t think or be kind to ‘others ‘.
This is the core error.
Realise there is no ‘other’.
Then treat yourself incredibly well and that will be reflected onto how you treat the so called ‘other’.

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