Adyashanti Audio: The Myth that Enlightenment is Rare

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Adyashanti explains that according to his experience the idea that “Enlightenment is Rare” is only a myth. Since most that are realized don’t become teachers, it makes it seem like it might be rare because we never know about them.  But he says he has met hundreds of them.

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Jeanine says:

Thank you for these clips, they are often the best part of my day!

Rozes says:

are any of us un_enlightened? u spoke of this in the clip although I’m questing the source of the statement. I’m hearing over my 66 yrs on planet earth that All of us r enlightened. The Guru, way shower, the guide only reminds of of this aspect as a the obstacle that when removed student see how they Shine.

Anonymous says:

Yes enlightement is not the last word in spiritual awakening as we already are enlightened just now..very worthwhile vedio to watch thanks..

Prasad E Warrier says:

Get enlightened in every being and every time and seek no effort to seek it as we already are enlightened just now and every time.very worthwhile vedio to watch thanks..

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