Adyashanti Video: “Realization” Doesn’t Dissolve the Personality

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In this 11 minute video Adyashanti explains that as ego begins to disappear, the personality remains and can create a sense of disorientation as the old patterns of self-centered desires  fall away.

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Charles says:

(sigh) … YES … This IS being experienced … Focusing on experiencing the experience of non-clarity and disorientation … It is what it truly IS … A deep part of me knows this NOT KNOWING is perfect … EGO definitely having a go at doing what it does ( but i am aware of it ) … A part of me feels the momentum is increasing … More awareness and less fog every day … The process is catching momentum … Not much memory of the past left … (sigh) … a very good and peaceful (sigh) …

Colleen Madonna Tobin says:

Thank you..♥….as we all are in this awakening together
.we are one and all is perfect if one can see rightly….
.trust , patience and we all watch with out reacting to what is in front of our existence in this moment and time…..
Be the witness and notice how we react to one self or another……this is the learning…
Being not doing…….
How do we react to what others say?
It takes courage to know you are where you are divinely no matter what that might look like…..
Remember we all belong and we are having an experience different than another……
This is why others will not understand and may judge….. everyone’s truth is true to them……
Step into your own awareness that you are doing nothing wrong and rest in the space you are in, untill even this changes

Baldev says:

It’s certainly will protect from being disillusioned .

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