Rupert Spira Video: Understanding Only Takes Place in Awareness

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In this great eleven minute video, we find Rupert explaining that “understanding” of anything does NOT take place in the mind, but actually takes place in awareness between the activities of the mind. Let’s listen to Rupert’s brilliant explanation…

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dianne says:

So, give up this inordinate desire for Enlightenment, and in the relief of that, enlightenment will happen.

dianne says:

…however, according to some non dualists, such as Tony Parsons, we need do NOTHING at all to come into this Awareness, as it can just happen without any conscious preparation or work at all. People do become Aware in this way in many different types of circumstances and there is often no logic that is understood that brings about this ‘enlightenment’……………

Anonymous says:

This video is about “understanding” and how/when it occurs so this is not about enlightenment. If you know Rupert’s work, you know he doesn’t see enlightenment as anything at all.

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