Jim Carrey & Prince Ea: Is the World Ready for this Message?

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Jim Carrey has been expressing tidbits of his understanding of non-duality in the media lately and many are questioning his sanity. By the reaction of the media we find that perhaps the world at large is not ready to hear this message. However, in this nine minute video, a young man named Prince Ea explains what Jim Carey meant in these interviews in a very easy to understand format for the masses. Is it possible that this will become common knowledge in the near future?

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Tracey says:

Wonderful explanation! From things I have experienced some are “asleep” and can not comprehend these reminders. <3

What is the background music that was playing towards the end? Or was that added my Prince Ea?

Thanks you

Melinda says:

Amazing explanation thank you Jim and Prince Ea for speaking the truth.

karen rudloff says:


Luzimar marques de Araujo says:

It is exactly like this. Its non duality. Great

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