Tony Parsons: An Intimate Conversation – Part 3

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This eight minute clip is Part 3 of 3 of an intimate conversation with Tony Parsons on the subject of non-duality. Tony offers a rather different and what some may call “radical” look at the oneness of all.

Tony Parsons is the author of the book, “The Open Secret” and gives talks and facilitates investigation and discussion on the nature of Advaita Vedanta and non-dualism. He works both in the UK and internationally and his books are published in many countries.

For Part 1 click here.
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dianne says:

I think there is a story of the buddha who as a child threw a mace or something over the the parapet of a building in the palace and it hit someone and killed them. He was chastised as a naughty little boy, but he did this in utter innocence.
As I listen to Tony Parsons i think he might do that.

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