Jeff Foster: The Advaita Trap

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This cute ten minute animation does a fantastic job at exposing the ridiculousness of absolute non-dual views when accepted at face value. This video demonstrates that even though all-that-is may appear out of one source, one must also consider a certain validity to the world of form which our senses experience on a day to day basis.

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Harry says:

This is cool.. There is no on to stop or start.


Fabulously wise and cutely funny…thanks for sharing-)

Dianne says:

This video helps me to discern what true non-duality really is. I have read and listen to many non-dualusts teach and I have noticed how different the teachers teach. But when I read for example Tony Parson’s and listened to his videos and Richard Sylvester and guy Smith and another non dualist Jim –?, and then read and listened to people like Eckhart Tolle, Jeff Foster Adyashanti, Alan Watts, Rupert spira and Roger castillo, listening to all these people has helped me to differentiate and so all these teachers have something to offer because they challenge the listener to find their way. Every one of these teachers has inspired me but sometimes there message needs to be interpreted by our own wisdom.

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