Rupert Spira Video: Making Decisions from Non-Dual Understanding

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In this seven minute video from Rupert Spira, he offers us a bit of advice on how to incorporate our non-dual understanding into our decision making process. If one is truly living a spontaneous life, the issue of decision making does not really come up very much as most decisions are made spontaneously as a certainty of movement in the moment, but this advice can help when it seems that a decision needs to be made and the answer has not come forth.

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dianne says:

If there is no ‘person’, no guilt therefore, as the universal Consciousness plays through each being, and we have no ‘choice’ in fact because each mechanism is made with certain characteristics and so certain ways of behaving… does the focus on our deepest sense of love and understanding in order to make decisions….fit in this? I have just been reading Balsekar who seems to be saying we are not ‘responsible’ in this way. He even speaks of Hitler as being not ‘responsible’ for the atrocities he enacted for the above reasons.
Wayne Liquorman writes similarly.

admin says:

Ultimately, there is only one source and billions of reasons why something happens or not, so there can never be a “we” as a “person” that is responsible for any particular “event”. However, in the “story” responsibility can be assigned after the fact.

dianne says:

Thank you for responding. When I hear that the mechanism itself dictates behaviour, then I get the idea that it is therefore okay to simply go with conditioning as conditioning plays the major part anyway. However, this seems to leave out the ‘awareness’ factor – that through being ‘aware’, my actions might possibly be different – more intelligent, less conditioned, more aligned (by this I think I mean with love and understanding..i.e. with ‘God’). In this case, then presumably I could not act like Hitler? One part of this confusion seems to be related to what I see as a difference between the saint and the sage…? The saint seeks to be holy and maybe is less authentic than the sage. The sage seems to be more practical in my mind. The saint seems to move in spaces beyond conditioning, the sage seems to be work with it?

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