Francis Lucille Video: Every Thought is a Universal Cosmic Event

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In this short five minute video, Francis explores the question whether or not we choose our thoughts or if our thoughts are just happening and out of our control. Francis can be a little difficult to understand with his accent, so lets turn up our sound and listen…

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Danielle Choquette says:

I do not choose my thoughts,but I can choose to let them go or to marinate in them. Thank you!
Thank you _()_

dianne says:

‘The thought making process is a cosmic event’ – so I have no control of the thought making process’. ~ Francis Lucille.

I am not fully clear on this. I mean if I do affirmations in the morning, this will often influence what I think for the rest of the day.

This implies that I CAN control my thoughts.

Further, I may not be able to control the thoughts that pop in to my mind, ordinarily, but I can control whether I dwell on them, or develop them, or deliberately focus on some other thoughts or ideas, or it’s even possible to block them out. David R. Hawkins writes that this latter ability is possible if it is understood what ‘thoughts’ are…..

I understand, on the other hand, that we are all conditioned, and in that respect we may be conditioned and not choose the initial thought, and we may also be conditioned to replace it with another thought, or maybe even be conditioned to block thoughts out altogether………..?

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