Tsur Taub Video: You Are Not Your Brain

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In this 5 minute video we join Tsur Taub, a Philosopher and a researcher of the mind and its potentials, in a deeper look into the question, “Who Am I?”. By using the simple step by step inquiry used in Tsur’s video “Who Am I?” we can easily conclude that we are not the body. The only possible exception seems to be the brain, so let’s take a deeper look…

To watch “What is Consciousness?” click here.
To watch “Who Am I” click here.

Dr. John Browne Testimonial:

Science appears to have already answered this question. You are not your brain. Two groups of patients support this conclusion. Patients with Hydrocephalus can have as little as 10% brain but be normal, and patients after Hemispherectomy (who have half their brain removed to prevent seizures) experience no change in personality or memory. As a physician I have seen both these kind of cases. Most importantly, their personal sense of “I” doesn’t change in both patient groups. If your brain is your “I” this makes no scientific sense. Your brain is not “you”.


Watch “The Man With No Brain: Brain Adaptation and Self-Repair – by Professor Keith Kendrick” https://youtu.be/v8R71Q8_0y0

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