Neale Donald Walsch: Dealing With and Transcending Fear

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In this nine minute video, Neale (author of “Conversations with God”) shares his understanding of fear and then shares how to deal with and ultimately transcend fear altogether.

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Tammy Renee says:

Oh my, you are as godly, and such a gift to all of us, I’m 49 years young, God knows I’ve lived, loved with all that I am and all that he has given me a heart, soul of love and patience as well as kindness to everyone of this great nation and every denomination, I am a Christian in every true, true godly sense of the word, gods word! I’m full of fear, fear of leaving the ones that I love behind, to the wickedness of the evilness that is dwelling upon us. My children have suffered tremendous losses, one which is the greatest loss to a young daughter of fifteen years, and my son, oh my dear son, he was a mere twenty one years of age, my childrens father, my former husband committed suicide he was not protectected by his mother ir his father, he succumbed to money, and reaped ungodly rewards for that abomination to his young life of forty two years! I am struggling, struggling is all I can define what I am going through as, I have been misdiagnosed by Dr’s hmmmm, Pharmaceutical Companies, and the government robbing the system at six thousand, eighty three dollars for infusions on my body, Gods vehicle to carry my heart and soul through these god awful times, I was put on REMICADE q three weeks cure for Crohns Disease, after three ft of my large intestines were removed, due to deep punctures of my colon, I was supporting my beautiful children because their father was supporting hus drug addicted new wife and all he thought he loved! Now, at this young age I definitely have not fufilled Gods purpose and lord knows I’m thriving to! I’m going to BMC still having ” diagnostic testing ” noone is losing anything accept me, I’m still trying, holding on, steadfast in praise and prayer, my palms are numb, my knees are burning, my feet feel like I’ve walked on hot coals, my heart is big, my mind is lost, my tears flow more often, my voice rages in anger I need help I’m tired, I’m scared I’m losing me and all that Gid wants me to be!! Please help me, I have noone no physical being here, they all need me, my dear mother of seventy four years, my son, my daughter and oh, oh my sweet granddaughter Lillian Calla Nyugen Nonni will get better, her booboos will go away in God I trust, in Jesus name AMEN Hallelujah Thank you GOD for giving me the strength the perseverance the ability to do this to type this thank you so, so much for bringing this wonderful godly man Neale and his godly gifted intentions to rid ne of all my fear as he did way back when I first watched his wonderfully inspiring DVD CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD! I then truly believed I could no longer see the pain in my beautiful childrens eyes, hear my son crying through the heating vents of his room where he spent so, so many saddened days, as I did laying on a bed of nails, in pain for my child, my children, my daughter running in every direction, my son laying on his bed, crying, then blowing up cars, prostitutes etc. with video controllers, and guns that would point at the tv screen and make awful, loud, evil sounds in the night! My dear God, my friend Neale I need hope, direction, my mind and my body back God can have my heart and soul oh yes in Jesuss name, I have a purpose, the major one being is to get both there in Heaven, and Lord knows I’m not ready to go anywhere yet forevermore Thank you God thank you Jesus oh and Thank you Neale for saving me way back when and now after I watched part of your video, but I have to say the words had to be displayed here for your eyes to see while I had the strength and the feeling in my heart, soul and my tired fingers! God bless you God be with you I almost have what you’ve got, what all needs, not just wants!!❤ AMEN

Anonymous says:

Love it. Thank you Neale.

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