Rupert Spira Video: God is the One Thing That is Shared by Everything

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In this great 15 minute video from Rupert, he attempts to explain why God is everything, in spite of our mind’s inability to comprehend and/or accept that God could be the horrific as well as the glorious. Let’s listen in on Rupert’s explanation…

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George says:

Advaita means “not two.” Advaita Vedanta is described as a school that teaches nondualism. In other words, it teaches that everything is one and not separate. If we believe that something is separate, a separate object or a separate phenomenon, we are mistaken. It is an illusion. But what Advaita also seems to say, and what Rupert seems to be saying in this video, is that separation is also real. It is real because we experience it and we share it.We may not like it, but it is real. Therefore, illusion has its source in God. God created illusion as well as truth. He created logic and illogic, love and fear because they exist. Duality itself exists because we experience it and share it. Both duality and nonduality exist. How can this be? How can nonduality (Advaita) have any meaning if its opposite is also true?

admin says:

Hi George! This is where most make the mistake. Just because duality is not true, does not mean that the experience of the illusion called duality is not real at the point it is being experienced. For example, when you are dreaming at night, the dream is an illusion and is not “true”, however to the dreamer at the time that it is happening, it is completely real. Duality MUST exist in order for experience to occur, however, both sides of the duality coin are made of the exact same thing, therefore, “not two”. One in essence, two in experience.

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