Rupert Spira Video: When Love is Disguised as Resistance

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In this 12 minute video from Rupert, he responds to a questioner asking about the fact that often her motivation for taking action seems to come from a resistance to “what is”.  This seems in opposition to the concept of “acceptance” until one digs a little deeper to realize that often love can be disguised as resistance but is actually an opportunity to express love in response to injustice.

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Christina Todd says:

Thank you Rupert. I was taught that the pain I feel about suffering of animals and people is global conditioning or karma that had to be let go of in order to fully awaken. Knowing that my feelings are from love to love is liberating. Thank you again.

DeLinda says:

I’m amazing…I ‘ve been struggling with my reactions to the children and babies who were ripped from their Mexican parents arms and put in cages without any comfort allowed. How can this be in the “land of the free “?!!!
I wake up in unstoppable tears. I question myself, “who’s suffering? ” which helps some. But the feelings come back & I wonder if it’s possible for me to go beyond the involvement of “this world “?

Shelley Brennan says:

Are we adding to the suffering of animals by eating them? I am very sensitive when it comes to animal suffering. I feel guilt eating meat. I grew up eating meat, cant help it.

Anonymous says:

I loved this video. It answered questions that I didn’t even know I had. Thank you Rupert, for your good work.

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