Adyashanti Video

In this eleven minute clip, Adyashanti explains that letting go of perspectives, your attachments to them, and any lingering value judgments, you open yourself up to the vast array of life that lies at your fingertips in every moment. Adyashanti points out that without these limiting factors hindering you and by diving deeply into your experience, you are able to gracefully step into the infinite reality.

In this great ten minute video, Adyashanti takes us on a closer look at the futility of judgments and how they actually put us as odds with reality. Let’s listen in on this insightful message…

In this 10 minute video from Adyashanti, he reminds us that most often we don’t apply our realizations (or even a full awakening) into our daily moments but rather only when some significant event happens.  He then explains how this is a mistake and that we should elicit the Living Truth one small step at a time into our daily lives moment to moment.

In this lovely seven minute video from Adyashanti, he explains that “Reality is the ultimate bait-and-switch maneuver. It costs nothing to wake up, however it costs everything to stay awake.” “To be really awakened is to have no more argument with yourself, no more argument with the world, no more argument with others, and no more argument with God.” Let’s listen in on Adyashanti as he explains…

In this great 6 minute video from Adyashanti, he explains that the first sign of recognizing consciousness within us is the feeling of irrational happiness, a happiness that has no reason or cause.  With this recognition of awareness, an underlying sense of happiness evolves into being, and the seeking mechanism dissolves. Adyashanti invites you to explore the different levels of recognition that permeate our everyday existence.

This 8 minute audio clip from Adyashanti helps us to understand that our parents are not the cause of our suffering in the present moment.  They may have caused a lot of pain and suffering in the past, but to continue to suffer for their actions in the present moment is a choice that we make by reliving the past over and over again.  Of course, the same applies to friends, relatives and even enemies.

In this five minute video, Adyashanti explains that we always think that we have to work towards love. Liberation is when you don’t have to work towards anything; you work from it, not towards it. It’s just there. It’s the ground you’re walking on.  Let’s listen in on this five minutes of wisdom…

In this short 4 minute audio from Adyashanti, he explains that for most people the “unknown” seems like this mystical void out there that contains all of the unknown, when in actuality the unknown is right here and now.

This six minute video from Adyashanti explores the subject of uncertainty.  Though most of us find uncertainty to cause unbalance, unease and anxiety, Adyashanti encourages us to welcome uncertainty and the unknown into our lives because this is where our true nature resides.

In this short 4 minute video, Adyashanti explains that because of the distinct possibility of taking spiritual teachings as containing the reality of “Truth” itself, it is better to look at spiritual teachings as strategies for awakening.

In this short 9 minute video from Adyashanti, he explains that Awakening usually comes in two stages. The first stage being a shift in perception which creates a much better version of duality and a second stage which then integrates the world of spirituality with the world of form into oneness of being.

In this super short four minute video clip from Adyashanti, we take a closer look at our psychological self and what it does in order to keep itself in existence.  Without this compulsive activity, the self we take ourselves to be would just cease to exist.

In this super short two minute video moment from Adyashanti, he answers the question “Do we exist without our thoughts?”  Let’s listen to his answer to this question…

In this 12 minute video, Adyashanti responds to the question “Do I Need a Guru for Awakening?”.  He explains that no guru can give us “Awakening”, but also explains how a “guru” or “teacher” can help one in discovering the truth for ourselves.

Most of us have experienced mind activity that can easily be labeled as “Mind Attacks”.  This is when the mind brings up a series of thoughts that latch on to our attention and takes it for a trip that seems inescapable.  This is often paired with a series of fearful thoughts attaching itself to a deep seated fear. In this 5 minute video, Adyashanti shows us a simple (though not always easy) way to make sure that our sense of identity does not fall into this trap along with the mind.

In this 5 minute video, Adyashanti helps us to see that without knowing it, most of us have spent our entire life denying the very essence of what we are seeking.  Upon closer inspection we can begin to recognize that quiet indescribable place within.

In this great little 6 minute reminder from Adyashanti, he explains that the general accepted version of happiness is about getting what you want and avoiding what you don’t want.  However, true lasting happiness comes from something else which has nothing to do with that.   Listen to what Adyashanti has to say…

In this wonderful 5 minute video clip from Adyashanti, he helps us remember that when we move from the world of the mind to the world of our true nature, we automatically start feeling a deep appreciation for “What Is”.