Adyashanti Video

Sometimes it can be helpful to examine the motivation behind what we do and in this eight minute video clip from Adyashanti, he talks to us about the two main spiritual motivators that keep us searching to understand and assimilate the Truth about the nature of our reality.

In this seven minute video, Adyashanti tries to show that in the world of duality that we live in, every moment offers a choice that can take us in very different directions of experience. With this realization, one can observe these choices and create a much different world for ourselves.

In this five minute video, Adyashanti shares a few words about the meaning of “Divinity” and how it relates to our self, in this case using the word “self” to mean “I” as a person. He explains that once the self experiences itself as divinity, then the beauty of divinity is able to shine through everywhere and as everything. Lets’ listen…

In this very short five minute video, Adyashanti talks about looking at meditation as a solvent for helping to remove our old conditioned patterns of the mind.

In this twelve minute audio, Adyashanti explains that experiencing the state of awakening or the experience of realization is something that is temporary at best. One could say that these moments are the beginning of the end for the ego but that there are many months or years ahead for a deepening and integration of that understanding.

In this great little five minute video, Adyashanti reminds us of the consequences of our attachments and how attachments are essentially the root cause of suffering.

In this eight minute video, Adyashanti helps us understand that through meditation we can come to realize the true nature of thought and the fact that we really have no control over thoughts at all. This is important for several reasons, one of them being that the saying “Change your thoughts and change your life” is really not true at all because in reality you have no control over your thoughts.

Here is a wonderful 6 minute guided meditation from Adyashanti called “The Moment Perceiving Itself”. In this guided meditation, Adyashanti leads you into a kind of global listening that takes you beyond arising thoughts, out of the sense of ‘me,’ and into the profound experience of the moment perceiving itself.

In this lovely seven minute reminder, Adyashanti points to a way of perceiving reality that is beyond the filter of our beliefs and judgments. It’s really not hard to do. Let’s listen to his advice…

In this fourteen minute audio, Adyashanti tries to explain that we mistake the events of the world as being the cause of suffering and loss of peace within us, when in reality it is our (mind’s) thoughts about what is happening that is separating us from our inner nature of joy and peace.

This video is a wonderful five minute guided meditation by the one who basically wrote the book on meditation. In this beautiful guided meditation from Adyashanti, he offers guidance on using the breath, releasing control of thinking, and being open and available so that what’s really true can be revealed spontaneously.

Your own personal philosophy is a lens that you view life through, and it interprets and colors all of your experiences, creating your life. Adyashanti asks us to take a moment to reflect on the question: What philosophy am I entertaining at this moment right now?

In this beautifully produced five minute video, Adyashanti explains that the pursuit of happiness only leads to sorrow, or as Chuang Tzu said, “Happiness is the Absence of Striving for Happiness”. Let’s listen to this beautiful, meaningful and enlightened message…

In this great little six minute video clip from Adyashanti, he explains that we need not degrade the worth of the body or the mind but by becoming intimate with our Absolute nature, our identity is no longer housed in the prison of the body or mind. Let’s listen to his explanation…

In this five minute video, Adyashanti discusses how we can become our own resource for peace and well being by discovering the you that is OK, even when you’re not OK.

In this seven minute clip, Adyashanti explores how impactful moments of realization help you to see a deeper reality about the profound, ever-present here and now — the most valuable place to be.

In this little five minute video from Adyashanti, he explains that we are the dynamic nothingness which is at the root of All That Is in the known universe.

In this really great ten minute clip from Adyashanti, he explains that the one who is searching for Awakening can never wake up, but rather it is the one that lies dormant within everyone that wakes up to itself. Let’s listen to this wise pointing…