Rupert Spira Videos

This two minute clip introduces Rupert Spira and John J. Prendergast, PhD for those who don’t know who they are. This 4 part mini series is a discussion about the integration of non-duality and modern day therapy.

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In this ten minute video from Rupert, he replies to the question, “What happens to consciousness after death?” and in the process provides a possible explanation why there could be a form of reincarnation in the process. Because Rupert never recognizes the existence of a physical body, the explanation he provides may require several repetitions to fully understand.

In this wonderful thirteen minute video clip, while discussing the illusion of the web and flow of Awareness during stressful situations, Rupert explains that the discovery of the self and the realization of what we are is the greatest discovery we can make as human beings.

In this eight minute video, Rupert describes the workings of Synchronicity in a non-dual world. After describing how synchronicity comes to fruition within the context of the “Consciousness only” model, he goes on to explain how prayer can work on a non-personal level.

In this 10 minute video, Rupert reads excerpts from “Know Thyself”  by the Sufi mystic, Balyani, in response to a woman on the path of devotion, who asked about being a servant of God.

In this AMAZING video from Rupert Spira he explains that in reality matter does not really exist and that the entire universe is only an appearance in consciousness.  This video is twenty four minutes long, but it is worth every minute if you have ever had the desire to understand how the physical universe truly works.

In this short 10 minute video of a discussion between Rupert Spira and Deepak Chopra, we find them discussing the subject of Rupert’s new book called, “The Nature of Consciousness”.

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In this short five minute video from Rupert, he explains the ultimate cause of human psychological suffering as the result of a deep rooted belief in separateness and provides the remedy for this mistake. He also helps us understand that we can’t just dismiss this suffering as “not real” and hope that this will make everything better.

In this six minute video from Rupert, he responds to a questioner who wants to know how it is possible to be “Awareness” which is untouchable and unaffected by anything, and still be able to properly act or react to life circumstances.

This video from Rupert is a must watch for anyone searching for Enlightenment (Awakening).  This 19 minute video contains ALL of the information needed to put an end to the search and the seeker.  If this doesn’t clear things up, simply rewind and push play again.  Introducing ANY other information of any kind can only lead one away from the realization/understanding of “Truth” (our true nature).

In this extremely short two and a half minute video, Rupert explains how Awareness (what we are) NEVER flows through time and space.  Although this message is very short, it contains the highest level of realization and should be contemplated over and over as the mind goes on its fantasies of independent existence.

In this 10 minute video from Rupert, he uses two metaphors to answer two of the most common questions about our search for “Enlightenment”.  Using the metaphor of John Smith to represent “Awareness” and King Lear to represent the person we believe ourselves to be, he very logically explains why ignorance of our true nature causes all of our suffering and who/what is it that keeps us seeking for happiness.

Finally, a teacher of non-duality is willing to speak on the question in back of everyone’s mind, “how does non-dual teachings apply to the mentally impaired?”  In this 10 minute response from Rupert we witness an intelligent response that is tailored for the moment, yet retains the integrity of “Truth” and non-dual teachings.

In this AMAZING 13 minute video from Rupert, he explains that to get the best “experiential” awakening it is often best to use duality to awaken to non-duality.  He goes on to explain that this approach is the only way to true Awakening because we don’t want to return to oneness as experienced by babies or animals, we want to return to oneness awakened to the true nature of reality.

This is a lovely and short 12 minute guided meditation from Rupert to help us explore sensations and perceptions. Just sit back, relax and enjoy!


In this great 15 minute video from Rupert, he attempts to explain why God is everything, in spite of our mind’s inability to comprehend and/or accept that God could be the horrific as well as the glorious. Let’s listen in on Rupert’s explanation…

In this 10 minute video, Rupert explains love as it relates to the love of others.  First he starts out by helping a questioner understand her feelings in the death of her mother and then goes on to help her understand the role of love in every day relationships.

In this super short 3 minute video, Rupert reminds us that we should often let ourselves feel the full implications of knowing that Awareness can not die.  He encourages us to revisit that felt-understanding often so that knowledge can assimilate itself into the fiber of “our” lives.

For a reminder of the undying nature of Awareness (You), check out this video.