In this 5 minute video we join Tsur Taub, a Philosopher and a researcher of the mind and its potentials, in a deeper look into the question, “Who Am I?”. By using the simple step by step inquiry used in Tsur’s video “Who Am I?” we can easily conclude that we are not the body. The only possible exception seems to be the brain, so let’s take a deeper look…

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Dr. John Browne Testimonial:

Science appears to have already answered this question. You are not your brain. Two groups of patients support this conclusion. Patients with Hydrocephalus can have as little as 10% brain but be normal, and patients after Hemispherectomy (who have half their brain removed to prevent seizures) experience no change in personality or memory. As a physician I have seen both these kind of cases. Most importantly, their personal sense of “I” doesn’t change in both patient groups. If your brain is your “I” this makes no scientific sense. Your brain is not “you”.


Watch “The Man With No Brain: Brain Adaptation and Self-Repair – by Professor Keith Kendrick” https://youtu.be/v8R71Q8_0y0

In fourteen minutes, this well edited compilation offers the wisdom of three modern day spiritual teachers (Gurus) on the subject of fear, how fear is created and what we can do about it.  Let’s listen in ….

This short five minute, well produced video from “Universal Awakening” brings us beautiful quotes about God from such Masters as Mooji, Ramana Maharshi, Alan Watts, Nisargadatta Maharaj and many others.  Here we find a central theme that attempts to define the meaning of God expressed in many ways, but resulting in only one common message.

In this brilliant 10 minute audio on understanding depression, Rupert explains in very simple terms exactly what is going on when one feels overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings of gloom and doom for extended periods of time.  He then explains what one can do about it.  Let’s listen in…

This particular video focuses on the importance of following your heart to live a meaningful life filled with joy and adventure.

This very short three minute video  from Gautam Sachdeva, author of ‘The Buddha’s Sword’, in which he recounts a memorable anecdote which explains the key realization which truly means the end of seeking for the spiritual seeker.

This trailer for Science and Non Duality Anthology (SAND) Volume 1 is offered as an amusebouche for the soul.  This is a very interesting 3 minute clip of some of the top 21 thinkers of our time from around the world expressing some little tidbits on “Non-Duality”.

This beautifully animated video talks about Alan’s revelation of harnessing the power of nature. Animated by “The Simpson’s” Eddie Rosas and edited by Allison Faust.

In this twelve minute excerpt from an interview with David Godman, a well know author who has written many books on the teachings of Ramana Maharshi and Papaji, he gives us some insight into the lives of these Masters.

In this six minute (beautifully produced) video we find little gems and seeds for Awakening.  This video produced by SAND (Science And Non Duality) provides food for contemplation and reflection within.

In this short 4 minute video, comedian and actor Jim Carrey shares some words of wisdom based on his search for meaning, internal reflections and life experiences.

In this beautifully produced 5 minute clip, several spiritual and scientific leaders describe the importance for humans to realize the importance of consciousness and the understanding that at the heart of man’s true nature lies the secrets of consciousness itself.

In this 6 minute video, Hameed Ali (A.H. Almaas) discusses how the theory of quantum entanglement within the study of quantum mechanics has huge implications on the scientific and spiritual communities. It shows that ALL of the universe is actually ONE in nature and that LOVE plays the ultimate role at making it all possible.

This beautifully produced 6 minute video discusses how scientific discovery demonstrates that the entire UNI-VERSE is ONE.  Not that everything in the universe is connected somehow, but that it is actually all ONE, independent of space and time, exactly how the spiritual masters have been describing the nature of reality for thousands of years.

Here’s 5 minutes of humor from an “Enlightened” puppet to remind us not to take ourselves so seriously.

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This 10 minute video by Rupert Spira is a wonderful reminder of the true meaning of love and provides beautiful insights and confirmation.